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   Welcome to Department of Psychology/Philosophy


(Asst. Professor & Head)


Vision & Mission:-


  • To know the nature of philosophy, its branches and various new emerging trends in philosophy.
  • To enrich the scientific, logical and analytical thinking  of the students through the teaching of various philosophical schools.
  • To develop an ability of logical thinking.
  • To know the nature of psychology and its branches.
  • To develop the attitude to apply various techniques of psychology for human life
  • To make the students aware about the personality development.      
  • To develop self awareness, social awareness and universal awareness.
  • To make the students aware of the importance of human values in life.
  • To develop a moral awareness of student about social duty.


  • To create  interest in study of philosophical concepts and research  
  • To create  research interest in psychology
  • To conduct relevant seminars/workshops/conferences 
  • To create environment for students about self control, decision making and community relationship.
  • To create environment for Competative Examinations like  MPSC/UPSC/Other examination.