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   Welcome to Department of Geography




Dr. Kailas S Nile

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D


The vision of the department is the social well being of the society and mankind and to acquire the geographical knowledge by human welfare approach for the development of the society." 

  • To democratize the education
  • To provide accessibility towards higher education
  • To impart quality education

During 1962 Geography subject was started at pre-degree Arts and Commerce level. In 1972 Geography Department was established ,when Geography was introduced at special level. Since the academic year 1980-81 the subject was started at post graduate leval.On behalf of N.M.U. our department successively conducted 3 refresher course during 1996,1997 and 1998.Therafter during 1999 the N.M.U. has shouldered the responsibility to run the vocational M.Phil.course with our Department.A vision to impart the knowledge of Geography and make aware the students about new avenues and opportunities available in the field of Earth sciences in general and Geography in particular.. It was also intended to create awareness among the students regarding protection of nature and environment and the utility and significance of Geography in the social context. . 



  • To reach the unreached
  • To provide a fine blend of traditional and modern sciences
  • To equip the students with skills to face global challenges

The department would like to grow itself in the four main areas: A. Academic B Training C. Research D. Administrative. A. Academic: We require starting new courses with the specialization in the Physical and Human Geography. The department aims to start the Diploma and Degree courses in GIS and Remote Sensing. It will make the students more practical oriented than the theory. Job opportunities will also enhance through this new specialization. 

B. Training: This is the next area in which the department wants to work. To enable teachers and students deal with the problems of environmental degradation, we are planning for training modules for the teacher, students and researchers. This would be enhanced by doing a professional work with the agencies and placing the students at the appropriate jobs. 

C. Research: Our aim is to provide quality education and research for students. We are looking forward to upgrade the library and computer lab assisted to us to improve the knowledge of GIS and Remote Sensing. This would help the students to have the latest research material and Advanced Statistical analysis of the tools. We require laboratory is expected to be well equipped with the latest surveying instruments and different GIS soft wares and digital images for advanced studies. 

D. Administrative: In the area of the qualitative teaching and administration the department awaits to require 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professor,3 Assistant professor, 1 Lab Assistant.



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