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  • M.B.Chavan: 'Contribution of Physical factor in the Banana Belt of Jalgoan District' :Deccan Geographer Shicandrabad.A.P. Vol. XVIII No.-2,June-Sept 1980 .
  • S P Pendse,S.R.Chaudhari,M.B.Chavan.: The Desertation of Rural Settelements in the Khandesh Region of the Maharashtra State:Deccan Geographer ,Vol.XXIII July-Sept 1985 No. 2&3
  • M.B.Chavan,S.R.Chaudhri : Variation Of GroundWater Resource due to Agricultural activity in Piedmont plain of Jalgoan District:Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Sanshodhan Patrica,Pune. Vol. XNo.2 July-Dec.1996
  • M.B.Chavan :'Seasonality of birth rate in Amalner Tehsil of Jalgoan District':Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Sanshodhan Patrica,Pune. Vol. X No.2 July-Dec.2000.
  • M.B.Chavan and Patil P.V.: 'Variation in Prices of Jawar Due to Excess Supply in the Market Center of Amalner Tashil in Jalgoan Dist: Journal Of Advances in Scince and Technology,Dhule. Vol.11, No.(1&2),June December-2008 '
  Dr.Mrs.Sunanda S Patil:-  
  Mrs.Sunanda S Patil and S.R.Chaudhari :Intensity of Shifting Cultivation in Western Ghats:A case study ofMulshi Tahsil in Pune district,Reasearch Link No.67 Vol.8 October 2009.  
  V C Ahirrao:-  
  V C Ahirrao:'A study of Child Labours in rural area of Amalner Tahsil (1996-97)' . (in Marathi), Maharashtra Bhoogol Sanshodhan Patrika, Vol.2, XII, Jan.- June 1998.  
  • K.S Nile& M.B.Chavan, “Comparative Study of Quantitative and Cartographic Technique of Banana Crop Concentration in Raver Tehsil of Jalgaon District (MS,India)” International Journal of Geography and Geology ISSN: 1916-9779 (Print)ISSN: 19169787June 2012
  • K.S Nile& M.B.Chavan, “Concentration of Horse Power wise Agricultural Motor Pumps in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra State” ISSN 0973-1628 Research Link National journal issue No 85, Vol. X(2) on page no. 136 April 2011,
  • K.S Nile, M.B.Chavan and P D Patil "Availability of Food Stuff and Nutritional and Caloric Density in Yawal Tahsil District Jalagon(MS) ISSN 2320-236X ACME Internation Journal of Multidisiplinary Research Vol-II Issue-II      Page 88 to93 2014
  • K.S Nile, M.B.Chavan and R.S Gayake " Demarcation and Identification of Seasonal Fluctuation of Ground Water Level Recharged By Jamda Water Project in Jalgoan District of Maharashtra Using DGPS And GIS Techniques" ISSN-2231-5063, Golden Research Thoughts Vol-IV, Issue-I, Page- 1 to 8 (2014)
  Book Published:-  
  • Principles of Physical Geographystd XI (in Marathi) Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Mr.B.D.Shinde Dr.M.B.Chavan Himalaya publishing House ,Mumbai
  • Physical Geography (in Marathi) Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Dr.M.B.Chavan Prashant Publications ,Jalgaon
  • Physical Geography & Physical Environment of Maharashtra for Std XI (in Marathi) Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Dr.M.B.Chavan Himalaya books Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
  • Human Geography and Human Environmentof Maharashtra for Std.XII (in Marathi) Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Dr.M.B.Chavan Himalaya books Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
  • Physical Geography (in Marathi) F.Y.B A(Revised) Dr.S.R.Chaudhari Dr.M.B.Chavan Prashant Publications ,Jalgaon
  • Geomorphology (Marathi) Reference book:Dr. S.R. Chaudhari and Mr. Kiran Mahesh Gavit, Prashant Publication, Jalgoan-(January 2017)

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