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   Welcome to Department of Mathematics

Nalini Patil
  Vision & Mission  
  The objective of the department is to impart quality education to students and motivate them to apply the various mathematical techniques in their respective fields. From its very inception, the department has encouraged a view of learning in which students are given an opportunity to participate actively in discussions. And To achieve excellence and recognition in teaching and research in the fundamental and applied areas of Mathematics with a focus towards serving society at large.  
  The Department of Mathematics will offer courses and programs of study that will ensure that the student learner will be able to contribute to today's society. The students will obtain abilities to critically assess numerical and graphical information; learn to formulate strategies for solving problems; and acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious throughout their adult lives. We strive to teach our students to communicate mathematical ideas effectively and to use basic computational skills, mathematical models and technology to solve practical problems. The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses that serve students in other departments, notably engineering, science, and business, to help them use mathematics and quantitative analysis effectively in their chosen field. The Mathematics Department strives to teach well, maintain high standards for student performance, and keep its curriculum up to date.  

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