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   Welcome to Department of Economics


Dr. H. D. Jadhav

Head of the Department

  Vision & Mission  
  Ours Students are from rural area their background from farmers Families having economic weaker section and from backwards classes. Some Student coming from Tribal areas so our departmental vision is that to impart quality higher education. To developed computing facilities for Students our Student competent with global standard. To create economic awareness among the society through students about proper utilization of water small family norms protest environments various welfare scheme awareness of savings, economic literacy and self employment.etc.  
  The mission of the department is to make the students well acquainted with modern trends in dynamic and competitive business world. The department is also aimed to enable the students to have an understanding of the various issues of the Indian Economy and to equip them with core values needed to live as a responsible citizens in complex democratic society. The department is also amied at imparting Knowledge and skill to carry on independent research in the field of Economics And to develop analyzing capability in applying economic theories to real life situation.