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  Welcome to Microbiology Department    Head: Mr.Shashikant Anant Joshi

Vision: To be recognized as excellent and prominent institution with high standards of moral, ethical and educational values, thus providing a superior quality experience to students in a diverse learning environment gearing them to lead lives with personal integrity and civic responsibility towards the global society. Department of Microbiology envisions a life-oriented and student centric education that empowers the students through a humanizing and invigorating process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of society.




Mission: Our mission is to continue performing as a system that creates brilliant young minds with sound academic knowledge and with innovative thinking and constant urge to create exceptional careers in the field of microbiology. We pledge to maintain the institute’s educational preeminence in the region by ensuring the stream of enlightened and motivated minds as potential renowned scientists and entrepreneurs at national and international level.

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