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List of The Pricipals of The College



Sr. No. Name of the Principal Period
1. Prof. K. R. Kanitkar June 1945 to Nov. 1947
2. Prof. Dr. Vasudev Purushottam Damale Dec. 1947 to Aug. 1949
3. Prof. Pandurang Mahadev Oak Sept. 1949 to May 1952
4. Prof. Dr. Vasudev Purushottam Damale June 1952 to May 1958
5. Prof. Kashinath Zumaklal Lad June 1958 to May 1961
6. Prof. Vasant Chintaman Dikshit June 1961 to May 1964
7. Prof. Kashinath Zumaklal Lad June 1964 to May 1974
8. Prof. Vasant Pandurang Nene June 1974 to May 1976
9. Prof. Arvind Gopal Saraf June 1976 to May 1978
10. Prof. Kashinath Zumaklal Lad June 1978 to Sept. 1980
11. Prof. Arvind Gopal Saraf Sept. 1980 to June 1981
12. Prof. Dr. Arun Nimbaji Mali  July 1981 to June 1984
13. Prof. Prabhakar Ramchandra Gadre (Acting) July 1984 to March 1986
14. Prof. Dr. Arun Nimbaji Mali March 1986 to Aug. 1987
15. Prof. Prabhakar Ramchandra Gadre (Acting) Aug. 1987 to April 1989
16. Prof. Dr. Arun Nimbaji Mali April 1989 to March 2001
17. Prof. Dr. Shyam Radhakrushna Kayande (Acting) April 2001 to 16th Jan. 2002
18. Prof. Dr. Himmatroa Onkar Deore 17th Jan. 2002 to 9th Sept. 2002
19. Prof. Pralhadrai Sadaromal Sainani (Acting) 10th Sept. 2002 to 21st Feb. 2003
20. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Vinayak Shukla (Acting) 22nd Feb. 2003 to 31st May 2003
21. Prof. Shivajirao Avachit Patil (Acting) 1st June 2003 to 31st Aug. 2003
22. Prof. Arvind Dhonduji Fulpagare (Acting) 1st Sept. 2003 to 28th Sept. 2003
23. Prof. Dr. Shankar Ramdas Chaudhari 29th Sept.2003 to 31 May 2013
24. Prof. Dr. L. A. Patil Since 1 June 2013
25. Prof. Dr. Mrs. J. S. Rane Present




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