About College

Our Vision & Mission

To impart quality higher education embodying literary, scientific, commercial, mental, moral, social sciences and corresponding research to the students from mofussil area and to equip them with core values needed to live as responsible citizens in complex democratic society.

Our Mission

  • To produce conscious and skilled scientists, social scientists, men of letters, artists, linguists, teachers, thinkers and social workers to build the nation.
  • To develop keen interest in scientific field.
  • To integrate Information Communication Technology (ICT) with conventional subjects in Arts, Science, Humanities, Languages and Social sciences to stimulate access to global knowledge and to promote relevant education and training.
  • To develop scientific attitude towards social phenomenon.
  • To develop the skills of formulation, synthesis, analysis and argumentation in a variety of curricular and a mix of pedagogical approaches.
  • To encourage the access to subjects in humanities and social sciences helpful to uphold the richness of local cultures and values.
  • To carry out groundwork for the betterment of society through inculcation of values by familiarizing students with great social thinkers and writers.
  • To develop entrepreneurship, salesmanship and managerial skills among students.
  • To integrate revolutionized technological advancement with commerce education to make commerce students conversant with modern trends in dynamic and competitive business world.
  • To develop rational and eco-friendly attitude through academic excellence.
  • To impart education to develop leadership, sportsmanship, creativity, scientific temperament and citizenship for the betterment of humanity.
  • To promote the spirit of adventure, equality, liberty, fraternity and secularity.