» Placement

Progress is the activity of today and assurance of tomorrowā€¯. Placement is one of the core hubs of any education. Placement Cell in college plays a crucial role and is becoming a key department of the institute. With a tremendous growth in number of colleges, and relative increase in competitions among job seekers, the need for our young budding graduates to outline these situations becomes important. This makes the job of the placement wing a challenging one. A full fledged placement cell is functioning in our college takes every effort to expose the students to the wide-ranging career prospects and helps them to march out of our portal with confidence.

To educate students of all departments about our placement cell and its functioning and to respond to their career needs and doubts, holding hands with the placement officer, are five staff coordinators from different departments of our college. The aim of the cell is to ensure that the students to attain the knowledge and skills necessary for an effective job search. Career guidance for students finding it difficult to choose the suitable field of their careers is also given in our placement cell.

A large number of prospective companies are contacted and efforts are made to invite those companies to visit our college to recruit our students on campus. Reputed industrial houses across the country visit our institute regularly for the campus recruitment programmes. The placement cell coordinates quite well with the corporate sector and providing all requisites to facilitate the campus selection programmes. The Cell maintains a very cordial relationship with all the recruiting industries.

The College has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. Placement Cell is provided with all audio visual facilities for all stages of interviews. Training activities are organized in an effort to prepare the students for the campus selection programmes.

Training and Placement is an integral part of the institute. The placement cell is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates in their efforts to find employment.